Have Yourself A Rosie Little Christmas

December 22, 2016

My childhood nickname was “Rosie”. It is no coincidence that my name-sake, my grandmother, also went by this name. Heritage is so important so when I branded my company 4 years ago I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could use my middle name and the personal meaning behind it to create an experience?” (by definition a brand is the emotional reaction you have while interacting with a company.) This dream has come true in at least three ways: 1. Color Scheme: obviously Rosé is a huge part of the pigment feels at LCR. 2. Cheeky humor and a goofy disposition: I’ve always felt it is important to not take yourself too seriously; call me crazy but life is more fun this way! Also, isn’t laughing at yourself better than judging yourself? 3. The color of LOVE: I actually think red is the official color of love, but why not pink?   I’ve always thought of my brand as a love letter to my clients in a sisterly way: “Dear Darling (insert your name here), You are gorgeous! Stunning beyond what you know, don’t believe me? Here I’ll prove it to you by taking your photograph! Also now that I’ve made a believer out of you…. listen to this: Your heart is Rose-GOLD too and YOU can do whatever you want in life!” If empowerment was a color it would be ROSIE….. on that note: Enjoy my ROSIE Christmas shoot and dream big in those PINK Cotton-Candy Clouds!

Now swipe left to enjoy the photos from our shoot:

Hair and Makeup by the LCR  H&MU team: Elizabeth Wiggins, Chelsea Rae, and Beka Robertson

Cakes and desserts by my neighbor: Stir Crazy Baked Goods   Donuts from: Funky Town Donuts

Limited edition Gift wrap Thanks to SuperTarget and “Sugar Paper”

Barcart by: Society Social

Gold Peacock Lounger Courtesy of: Bend Goods

Cake stands and Serving Pieces Courtesy of Anthropologie Home

Accessories and Jewels Courtesy of Anthropologie and Free People

AND…..a big thanks to our team and interns behind the scenes!

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