Ballet Senior Portrait

March 17, 2017

Lilly’s Ballet styled photo-shoot was oh so fun! I sincerely could have photographed her all day long! NOT only does she have a perfectly fair and freckled complexion she also has no need for blush: because her cheeks are naturally flush and rosie! on top of all this Lilly has excellent posture, I’m sure from being a dancer her whole life, her body language is graceful and poised, so shooting with her was the easy part…… the hard part: finding much of anything alive this time of year even in Texas! I scout new locations daily: My advice to an aspiring photographer, drive a different way every time you go ANYWHERE it stimulates your creativity and helps you find new locations! (I stole that trick from the book: “how to get ideas“)

XO- CarmenRose ~ hope you enjoy the images from our shoot.

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